Iceni Associates LLP wise counsel and strategic support for a changing world

​​who we are

We're not a standard consulting business. Our advice is based on real world experience, from people who have been and done it as leaders. We'll use our insight and experience to help you take your business to the next level. So whether you're thinking about scaling up your SME for growth; managing stakeholders or the regulatory environment to stay ahead, or supporting your organisation and senior team through transformation, Iceni Associates can provide the strategic support and wise counsel you need.

Our founder and Director, Natalie Ceeney, is a FTSE non-Executive and three times CEO with a career spanning multiple sectors, with a track record of delivering successful growth, innovation and digitally-enabled transformation. We don't employ consultants on our payroll - instead we have a network of people who have 'been and done it', including other experienced CEOs, mentors, coaches and marketing/ customer insight experts. We also have a wide network, from regulatory experts to strategy consultants. Between us, we can help you identify and source the support you need - whether strategy and advice or a pair of senior hands when you need it most.

our services

strategic support​

That extra pair of eyes, ears and hands, working at C-suite level, operating from experience and not just theory

wise counsel​

capability building

Someone you can turn to who has been and done it - to help you make those really tough calls
The support to turn a great plan into action, whether identifying additional resource requirements, the senior talent requirements or coaching the team to be able to deliver themselves 
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